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Bluehost domain Review

If you’re looking for a domain solution that is cheap, secure, and offer great value for the price, then you’re at the right place. Bluehost provides all these and some more all for the price of a few dollars.

When it comes to domains, Bluehost ticks almost all the boxes. Founded in 2003, Bluehost is also one of three hosting and domain services endorsed by WordPress. But let us get some more detailed ideas about Bluehost to understand whether it is actually for you.

Features of Bluehost domain

Bluehost comes with basic, plus, and choice plus variations. Within these variations, you get an included domain as standard. But for plus and choice plus, you get unlimited websites and storage for your domain. 

Now you might be wondering is that all? Certainly no. If you’re a small business or a startup you can maximize your usability even more. In addition to its outstanding support, Bluehost offers you a web builder tool that you can make use of to build your site as per your desire. Bluehost also takes care of your SEO, digital marketing where you can get a one to one session with a marketing expert. It even offers to create content for your site with additional cost and give you real-time feedback on your investment so that you can measure the ROI for yourself.

Pros & cons of Bluehost domain

We have already mentioned that Bluehost can be an amazing choice for you if you’re looking for a complete web experience on the cheap.
The builder, as well as the managing interface, is surprisingly easy to use. Bluehost has designed the interface to be interactive and intuitive. In addition to that, searching for a domain name is surprisingly easy and Bluehost even suggests variations in case of domain unavailability. Things like detailed security measures and 24/7 support come standard with Bluehost and several free add-ons like a free domain for the first year, first time domain change is also included.

However, there are certain constraints with Bluehost. The support trainees aren’t that expert as you’d expect them to be. I mean they are definitely good, but not that up to the mark. In addition to that, Bluehost has some uptime issues but given the bargain of a price you’re getting it for, it can be compromised a bit. The pricing of domain extensions also differs depending on which one you choose.


That concludes our overview of Bluehost. If you’re looking for something that is cheap, won’t break your bank, and provide a host of support, you can get this domain solution without a second thought.
However, if you’re a big corporation or a business transitioning to an online platform, you’re better off with something that provides better all-round support in addition to the domain customizations that you’re getting.

Bluehost domain

Bluehost is one of the best domain registrars out there, and they offer reasonable pricing for people to get started on their domain. Hosting, Domain & Web building 

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